Squad Battles - World War II and Earlier

The World War II and Earlier Squad Battles series covers World War II battles from both the Western Front and Eastern Front of the War against Germany and Italy as well as the Pacific Theater and the War against Japan. This section also includes Squad Battle releases such as World War I.

First World War

In 1914, the world erupted in a conflict that was thought would be over in matter of months. The armies marched off to war in appearance and manner akin to distant cousins of the Napoleonic Period, with many units dressed in colorful uniforms and trained to fight in dense formations. Commanders of the day stressed the operational art of war. Battles were fought on the grand scale of million-man armies where it was thought that tactical issues were of minimal importance since it was rationalized that tactical success or failure would be negated by bypass and maneuver at the operational level.

Four years later, with over 10 million dead and Europe in complete ruin, over a thousand miles of trenches had been dug and poison gas, light machine guns, tanks, aircraft, and modern artillery, had all came into existence. This "First World War" had become the genesis of modern warfare, seeing innovative developments in weaponry and tactics as both sides raced to develop tools and techniques in the quest to break the deadlock that dominated the war's main arena: the Western Front. However, one of the most important innovations born out of this conflict was not a specific piece of weaponry, it was a change in the tactical mindset of commanders: the introduction of small unit tactics, or squad level warfare. Ironically, it was the evolution at the tactical level that finally brought about a strategic result to the conflict.

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Red Victory

At Stalingrad, the largest military offensive in history ground to a halt as the Wehrmacht met and was defeated by the Red Army. The German Sixth Army has surrendered and the Soviets have a renewed fighting spirit. Now it's time for the Red Army to press the Germans back towards the Fatherland. In the next 2 1/2 years of titanic struggle, the Soviets will push all the way to the Reich's capital of Berlin. Can you lead the Red Army, sweep over your foes and outperform the historical Soviet commanders? Can you as the Wehrmacht stop the Red Tide from engulfing the Reich?

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Spanish Civil War

As Europe began to smolder with the rise to power of fascism in Hitler & Mussolini, tensions quickly came to a boil in the Spanish peninsula between the Republican and Nationalist forces. From July 1936 to April 1939 war would ravage the country and many tens of thousands would lose their lives. For several countries this would be a dress rehearsal for the coming conflict of WWII, and for the world it would be a small taste of the horrors to come.

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Winter War

For 105 days, the tiny nation of Finland fought a war that typically merits only a footnote history books, or a passing remark in a WWII documentaries. Taking on the vast manpower of the Soviet army, the Finns put up a fanatical defense of their homeland, inflicting horrific casualties on the invading Soviet army. In the end, the overwhelming number of Soviet troops and tanks sent into Finland forced the Finns to sue for peace, but they walked away from the conflict with their much bigger neighbor with their independence and national pride intact. Their struggle influenced the landscape and direction of the entire World War that followed--and perhaps the outcome as well. Winter War is a tactical level simulation of this conflict using the Squad Battles system.

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Advance of the Reich

When the German Army invaded Russia in June of 1941, they expected a quick campaign, one that would lead them to victory. Instead, they found that they had started a long and bloody fight that would reach its zenith in the destroyed streets of Stalingrad at the end of 1942. Those first two years of the campaign in Russia would result in the furthest advance of the German Army, a point to which they would never return. From the initial invasion to defeat at Stalingrad, this period would be the Advance of the Reich.

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Eagles Strike

In the summer of 1944, after four years of German occupation, the Americans were ready to strike at the heart of Fortress Europa and help end the war. This struggle would pit the Americans against the German from the beaches and bocage of Normandy to the Ardennes and beyond. The American soldier would have to face the German Panzer which had ruled the length and breadth of the German conquest and find a way to prevail. This strike of the American Eagle would help bring the German Reich to its knees.

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Pacific War

The scope of the fighting in the Pacific during World War II was gigantic. From the Japanese to the Americans, Russians, Chinese, British, Australians, and others, the fighting included countries from across the world and ranged from thick jungles to remote islands and terrain of all types. Picking up where the game Proud And Few left off, Squad Battles: Pacific War includes additional nations, weapons, and vehicles and a wide range of scenarios covering many of the battles and campaigns of the Pacific. From Nomonhan in Russia to the jungles of Bruma, Pacific War enables you to replay the history of World War II in the Pacific.

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The Proud and the Few

The "dogs of war" were unleashed in the Pacific on December 7th, 1941. Now the United States had been attacked and was forced into a worldwide conflagration. After losing Wake, The Philippines and other locations in the Pacific, the United States Marines were called upon to spearhead a prolonged advance across the islands all the way to the Japanese home islands. Now with this game, "The Proud and the Few" you can relive those glorious moments of the Marine history in their victorious advance from one island to another. From Guadalcanal to Okinawa, and even to the shores of the Japanese home islands, join the fight to ultimate victory.

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