Virtual World Development

John Tiller Software is able to provide development services relative to several virtual world environments including Second Life, OpenSim, and Unity 3D. These services include:

  • In-world script development.
  • Interfacing HTML and JavaScript development.
  • C# programming of in-world bot avatars.
  • General C++ programming providing application interfaces.

In conjunction with your modeler or our preferred modeling professional Tipodean Technologies and our technology partner, the Information Technology and Systems Center at the University of Alabama in Huntsville, John Tiller Software is able to provide any part or a complete start to finish development of a Virtual World with multiple implementations.

Automated Bot Development and Artificial Intelligence

Using custom C# programs, John Tiller Software has the ability to develop specialized automated bots for virtual world deployment in Second Life and OpenSim. These programs can be used to define and control the appearance of bots in a virtual world, their actions, and their interactions with other avatars and with each other. John Tiller Software has developed an extensive Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology over the years as part of research and development done in both commercial industry and military contracts. This AI feature can be applied to bot implementations to provide a very advanced and sophisticated capability.

Serious Game Integration

Using our extensive Serious Game development, John Tiller Software has the ability to integrate and interface Serious Games with a Virtual World development. This combination can be used for cutting-edge education and training environments. Organizations have found that combining Virtual Worlds with Serious Games supported by intelligent avatar interaction provides an exciting and effective education and training combination.

Virtual Reality Development

John Tiller Software can provide development for the latest Virtual Reality devices based on Unity 3D including Google Cardboard, the Samsung Gear VR, and the Oculus Rift. Using Virtual Reality technology can transform Virtual Worlds into immersive environments that provide enhanced experiences particularly in educational settings.

For more information about our services, contact John Tiller Software Support.