TillerCon is a user conference for John Tiller Games held every few years. It is attended by a wide variety of players, scenario designers, and media reporters. All of the wargame series from Squad Battles to Napoleonics and every topic in between is covered at the conference. Players get a chance to play head-to-head against other players at the conference in tournament play, in team play, or one-on-one pick-up games. All of the major wargame series have discussion groups where players get to talk personally with game and scenario designers about each series, what they would like to see added, and what future games they would like to see developed. Often TillerCon is combined with another game conference taking place at the same time such as miniatures. Each TillerCon is scheduled based on customer interest and completely organized by players.

TillerCon I - June 17-19, 2005, Richmond, Virginia

TillerCon II - May 26-28, 2007, Kansas City, Missouri

TillerCon III - May 28-30, 2010, Nashville, Tennessee