War on the Southern Front


War on the Southern Front is the second installment of the Total War in Europe series. It focuses on the ground and air campaigns fought in the regions surrounding the Mediterranean in 1940-43. This includes the Italian Invasion of Greece in 1940, the subsequent German invasion of the Balkans, Rommel and the exploits of the Afrika Korps, and the Allied invasion of Sicily. These campaigns saw a wide range of operations, from swift armor thrusts in the desert to infantry slogging matches in the mountains to daring airborne assaults.

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  • 23 Scenarios - with optimization for PBEM as well as a separate version for play against the system AI.
  • Scenarios include battles for Tobruk and El Alamein, the Axis last stand in Tunisia, the mountain warfare in Greece in 1940-41, the German airborne assault on Crete, the British intervention in Vichy Syria, and the Patton-Montgomery race for Messina in Sicily.
  • The OOB contains fifteen nations with 337 different unit types.
  • The Master Map covers the entire Mediterranean theater of operations.
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  • Game scale is 1 hex = 10 kilometers, 1 turn = 2 days.
  • Scenario editors which allow players to customize the game.
  • Sub-map feature allows the main map to be "chopped" up into smaller segments for custom scenario creation.
  • Provides multiple play options including play against the computer AI, Play by e-mail (PBEM), LAN & Internet "live" play, and two player hotseat.
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  • Scenario Design: Glenn Saunders, and Dave Blackburn
  • Historical Research: Wig Graves
  • AI Programming: John Rushing
  • Artist: Joe Amoral
  • Unit Graphics: Mark Adams
  • Playtesters and Co-Designers: Marc Bellizzi, Rick Bancroft, Marty Nevshemal, and Robert Barker
  • Campaign Maps: Mike Avanzini

System Requirements

Windows Vista, 7, 8, or 10
Processor: 1 GHz
Disk Space: 1 GB
Memory: 1 GB

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