Strategic War

The wargames in the Strategic War series cover World War II in Europe from beginning to end. The game scale is 10 kilometer hexes and 2 day turns. Units are normally at the division and brigade level.

War on the Southern Front

War on the Southern Front is the second installment of the Total War in Europe series. It focuses on the ground and air campaigns fought in the regions surrounding the Mediterranean in 1940-43. This includes the Italian Invasion of Greece in 1940, the subsequent German invasion of the Balkans, Rommel and the exploits of the Afrika Korps, and the Allied invasion of Sicily. These campaigns saw a wide range of operations, from swift armor thrusts in the desert to infantry slogging matches in the mountains to daring airborne assaults.

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The First Blitzkrieg

In September 1939 a new form of warfare erupted in Europe, one that would forever transform how wars were fought. As German panzers rolled across Poland, a new word was spoken to describe combined armor and air operations: Blitzkrieg. Following the conquest of Poland, Germany would then turn its attention to Scandinavia and then to France and the Low Countries in the first few years of what would become the Second World War. Can you command the German panzers with the same skill as Guderian and Rommel, or as the Allies, can you stop the Wehrmacht where the historical commanders failed?

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