Musket and Pike

The games in the Musket and Pike series cover many different campaigns during the new age of muskets prior to the French and Indian Wars. The game scale is 100 meter hexes and 10 minute turns. Units are normally at the company/battery/squadron and battalion level.

The Seven Years War

When the War of the Austrian Succession ended, all Europe knew that the peace would not last long. Austria was hungry to regain Silesia, France and Britain were still rivals all around the world, and Russia was growing stronger, ready to make its big debut in the affairs of Central Europe.

Feeling the pressure of an alliance between France, Austria and Russia, Frederick decided to strike first, invading Saxony in the fall of 1756, hoping to put himself in position to bring a rapid victory in spring of 1757. His “short, decisive war” would prove to be anything but. Instead, he'd launched what has been called the “True First World War.”

The Seven Years War highlighted the military genius of not only Frederick the Great, but the less known Ferdinand of Brunswick, as he led the Anglo-German forces against France in the West. These two masters of Linear Warfare held off the enemy until a peace of exhaustion finally settled on Europe seven years later.

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The Renaissance

Renaissance covers a fascinating century of warfare, from the close of the Medieval era to the eve of the Thirty Years War. The period starts with the French invasion of Italy in 1494 and the armies are still largely Medieval in weaponry and organization.

While firearms and artillery are present on the battlefield they have yet to secure a dominant tactical role. However, by the close of the sixteenth century, traditional missile weapons such as the longbow and crossbow had been supplanted by arquebuses, muskets and pistols, while the proportion of firearms to pike had greatly increased since 1500.

The pike, once the primary infantry weapon for many armies - and often a decisive battle-winner in the hands of professional Swiss and Landsknect mercenaries - was, by the close of the period retained primarily as a protection against cavalry, a role it continued to perform for another century until the invention of the bayonet made it redundant.

With Renaissance, you can refight the Italian Wars between France and Spain as well as the various Anglo-Scottish battles of the 16th century, or lead Ottoman armies against Persians, Mamelukes and Western Christendom! Experience the pike & shot warfare of the French Wars of Religion and the Dutch Revolt against Spanish rule. These conflicts involve a wide range of different troop types and weaponry, providing a diverse and rewarding gaming experience.

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