Modern Air Power

The wargames in the Modern Air Power series cover air warfare in the missile age, from the Vietnam War to present day. The game scale is continuous and real time. Units are at the flight level.

Single Player Version

The Single Player Version of Modern Air Power is intended to provide the user with an ability to learn about the basic principles of modern air warfare through a series of "Flight School" scenarios. Each scenario is intended to show the user how a particular aspect of the interface or a particular air mission is done. These scenarios range from the basic strike and air superiority missions through cyber warfare and nuclear deterrence. Once a user has finished the Flight School scenarios, they can use their training to take on a "Capstone Scenario" which combines several of the basic tasks into a single scenario. The MAP Single Player Version is available for free on several platforms.

Desktop Version:

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Mobile Version:

War Over The Mideast

Since ancient times the Mideast has witnessed continuous clashes between religions, cultures, and nations. Israel's reestablishment in 1948 attracted refugees from the world over but also generated much resentment. For the next sixty years conflicts would rage with Israel at the center. 1956, '67 & '73 would be years of major conflict and are all covered in this title. Additionally actions in Lebanon ('82) and assorted strikes in '85, '06 & '07 are also covered. The violent Mideast chariot clashes continue thousands of years after the Biblical era, but modern chariots now flash across the sky trailing fire and raining down thunder and lightning on the enemy below.

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War Over Vietnam

After Korea, America was organized, trained, and equipped to deter and if necessary, to fight a global thermonuclear conflict against the Soviet Union. In 1965 America found itself thrust unexpectedly into a conventional war against a small Asian country who was well-supplied by China and Russia. The US Air Force and Navy evolved gradually and painfully into air forces capable of flying and fighting major air campaigns against the rapidly developing integrated air defenses over Hanoi and Haiphong. Mounting aircraft losses, inconclusive results from massive air strikes, political difficulties at home and across Southeast Asia, and growing numbers of American prisoners of war defined the challenge air planners faced. Can you plan and orchestrate effective air missions against one of the densest and most lethal integrated air defense systems on the face of the earth? Or can you command the North Vietnamese air defenses and inflict another Dien Bien Phu on the Yankee Air Pirates?

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